Holistic medicine sounds like an angelic approach of healing that is intended to focus on the person’s whole being. This system will provide an all-inclusive procedure of healing that considers the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness of the patients. According to some holistic medicine philosophy, a person’s mind and spirit are treated and given important care attention to achieve the total health value of every individual. This method is very essential in order to attain the optimal health goal that was provided through the holistic medicine grand junction practice. The distribution of equal attention to the mind, body, and spirit will stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself and absolutely enhances the health effect to the whole being.  

Most holistic medicine experts concluded that all people are made up of interdependent parts and if any of this component will not function, all other elements will be affected. It's just like the teeth of the sprocket of the wheel that if one is missing it will not rotate or function that way it should be. In this way, if people have an imbalance in any of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects then it results in affecting their overall health. Unlike the conventional medication in which doctors will use all forms of healthcare drug prescribed remedy, the holistic medicine will utilize alternative therapies to improve or treat a patient. For instance, when a patient is suffering from chronic pain and wants to see a holistic practitioner, the holistic expert will check all the probable cause of the disease, instead of giving an outright medication. The holistic procedure will include the other factors that affect the health problems of the patients such as diet, sleep habits, personal problems, stress, and also their spiritual practices. Other treatments of the holistic medication may also involve prescriptive drugs to relieve the symptoms before applying the modification process of alternative medicine to prevent the pain from recurring to perform a smooth way to the method of holistic medical treatment.

Basically, the principle of this comprehensive treatment is based on the judgment that the unconditional love and support of the member of the family will be the most powerful healer. In addition, professional alternative healers also believe that all people have an innate power to treat themselves. Furthermore, treating a patient in an alternative way is a team process healing approach that involves the doctor and the patient and the treatment is to understand the inner feeling condition of the patient. Professional holistic practitioners use a multitude of ways of treating patients who undergo this holistic medicine process like spiritual and emotional counseling, food consumption attitude, and psychotherapy examination. In the part of complementary therapy, they will use acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage therapy to relax the mind and muscles of the patients in order to go through a systematic treatment. Indeed, it is therefore confirmed that the utmost care and attention of the people around you is the purest medicine and the most responsible for improving your health is your own well-being. See page for more info about holistic medicine.